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             I  Am A Medicine Woman - A Curandera


 I created this website to re-connect with my spiritual brothers and sisters who are awaken and awakening to the  recognition of their higher consciousness. It is important for me to connect with others who are going through the journey  of self discovery and who are seeking to explore and witness a greater connection on their journey. It took me many years  to reach the level where I am able to allow my gifts to surface past the fears.The struggle was long and difficult but I am  thankful and grateful for my determination to not give in to a system that would destroy the me that I came here to be.



 On March 14, 2001 My precious daughter, 17 at the time, was killed in a car accident and my life would never be the same. I  was angry and couldn't understand why God would have allowed such an act to happen to us.  I was angry with God and  spoke my heart, my pains and wanted to be no longer on this planet. On the day of her burial I sat in my home filled with  people, friends, family, neighbors, all who knew and loved our child. I could not understand and continued to speak these  words to God " I need to know that she is safe or I shall not continue". As I was repeating these words I heard a knock on  the door . It was a man I had never met before who asked for me and walked across the room to where I was sitting. He  held my hand and told me that he was truly sorry for our loss. He then proceeded to tell me that he was across the river in  Jersey visiting with friends and felt compelled to come to speak to me. He told me that he had witnessed the accident and  that he saw my daughters spirit rising upward and he felt a sense of peace and love as he witnessed her and began to  pray. He prayed throughout the night. He explained that he didn't know how to handle the events that he had experienced  so he decided to go to temple the very next day. I knew that this was Gods messenger. That this was my daughter reaching  out to me. As he held my hands I felt a sense of peace and thanked him. I often think about the courage of this man  who  listened to the voice of the creator and stepped past the ego to deliver a messsage to me at such a crucial time in my  life. I know now that the time has come for me to share my wisdom, and my gifts so that others can find theirs.


​ I believe that one must do the work to clear out the baggage and allow the inner light to surface. One must be committed  to processing ones experiences and stepping out of ones own way to allow the gifts to surface.


 I consider myself an eclectic sacred medicine woman.  I Am a  Reiki Master-Teacher, Craniosacral Practitioner, Quantum  Touch Energy Worker, Shamanic Medicine Woman [ Mesayok Medicine Woman]. I Am honored to connect with the  Universal Vibrational Frequencies of Love and Light and Channel Soul Messages. I Am an open channel so when I have a  client come in and they desire a particular treatment I inform them of the possibility of many of the energies coming in to  assist in the work needed to restore the energy centers within the body. I am divinely guided and each and every  experience is unique for each and everyone. I am honored to meet each and everyone of my clients. I love sharing my gifts  and providing clients with gentle and peaceful release of the pains that reside within at the cellular memory.


 I welcome you and ask that if you feel called to invest your time and are ready to commit to your own healing and  awakening to your medicine that you create a session for your highest and greatest good. We came here for a purpose and  our souls desire is to re-connect to the power of All That Is.  Aho, Amen, Hayaya


 Blessings, Love and Light

 Rev. Marilyn Maldonado



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