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Can this work hurt me or cause me harm?


No. This work provides a gentle shifting and recalibrating of your bodies cellular memory. Impacts, that you have endured throughout your life time have made a home in your cells and are triggered whenever an event feels, or presents like an old painful experience. 

Questions and Answers


Is this a religious cult?


No. This is a natural spiritual process that aids the body toward wellness. Most practitioners have nondenominational practices. Religious beliefs are not a prerequiste.

Can I take medicines and still have these treatments?


Yes, If you are taking medications you should continue with your current medical treatment. Sessions will help alleviate pains, symptoms and create stress free living. 


Do I need more than one treatment?

More than one treatment is recommended for better results. I have created several discount packages so that you will be able to gift yourself the gift of Self Care. 


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