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What do I need to Know Today that can serve me and others.

That fear will grow this host... That remaining in the space of sacred understanding will lead and guide you to the truth... Look from the heart, the seed of the soul not from the place of deceptive information...

There will be many who will latch on, not let go yet there will be many more that will allow the energies to create a new found Freedom... This is a dismantling of the old to allow the space for creative new endeavors... As the old falls away, Know that All Is Well... Create thy rituals and maintain to continue to remain in the vibration of stillness and knowing for all is well... The work is to create a new frequency that will change everything... This virus was created on selfish platform yet it will do the opposite of what it was created for... We are assisting as the prayers (words rhythm, melodies) are being spoken into the atmosphere... This will and is creating a Change... Know thy heart and thy purpose and serve in Gods way... God the creator of all universal frequencies of the guiding light... use the prayers of the guiding light to assist those in fear... May they keep their light on and vibrating in the Knowing That All Is Well... Change is a necessary shifting of what is to be born to create a new... Feel the frequencies that are coming in... Be Not Afraid... Allow the currents of change and be in all that is... Faith is Believing when everything and everyone is telling you different... Be In Your Knowing...

No need to change others... They will rise in their own time... Call forth all the Warriors of the Light and Co-create the New Frequency of Change... Peace, Love, Compassion, Faith, Forgiveness... All Is Well

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