Welcome. My name is Marilyn I am a Curandera, Bilingual,  Sacred Medicine Woman and Ordained Interfaith Reverend.

Masters Degree in Counseling and a Certificate in Family Counseling.

Reiki-Master-Teacher, Craniosacral Therapy, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, Channel Universal Vibrational Frequencies - Soul to Soul messages... 


My practice consist of an eclectic combination of energy healing modalities. In my practice I consult with Universal Vibrational Frequencies of love and light connecting the heart and soul, guides to provide inspiration, guidance, encouragement, peace and comfort at the deepest level, creating receptive connections within the body.


Sessions activate an opening which assist in the realignment of the energy centers and re-awakening [tapping into] the areas within the body that have become sluggish, stagnant and weak as it creates a natural flow of energy within the body. The body speaks and I listen to the messages. Overtime you are able to understand the way your body communicates with you. 


My work is recognized and accepted via your souls calling. My intention is to assist you in reconnecting with your medicine for a higher level of healing. You will find that the energies are gentle, loving and nurturing.


I know that a dis-ease state of being was not created in a day therefore several sessions are suggested to reveal and heal the disconnect and miscommunications within the body centers.

Glitches in the body show up as physical symptoms as well as thoughts that create discomfort, fear and confusion.  

When the body is in a state of Dis-Ease it feels uncomfortable and out of balance.  Signals are sent to self correct but when the systems are glitched the signals get twisted and the body doesn't know how to handle the overload... symptoms of overwhelmed, confusion, irrational thoughts, anger, fear, etc can become more persistent and difficult to manage. These are some of the ways the body speaks to us to let us know that something is off. 


If you are interested in exploring the wounded places. If you are interested in feeling balanced and supported. If you are interested in self discovery. If you just want to feel peaceful and loved again. Give yourself the gift of a session. Make a conscious commitment to yourself today to honor, love, and respect your inner knowing by giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your inner guiding system. 

You Are Worthy and You Matter!  


My commitment is to serve and hold sacred space for humanity.



Areas covered include:



  • Meditation

  • Rediscovering Your Medicine

  • Reconnecting with Spirit

  • Sacred Cleansing, Creating Sacred Space

  • Sacred Journaling


        Energy Therapies       


  • Craniosacral

  • Quantum Touch

  • Reiki

  • Shamanic Medicine

  • Universal Vibrational Frequencies -Channeller



  • Guidance for Identifying Sacred Goals and Desires


  • Inner Growth and Spiritual Development


  • Soul Messages


  • Processing Your Story to Retrieve Your Medicine

         Available To All Members: Special Invites

  • ZOOM Meetings / Healing Sessions on Line

  • YOUTUBE LIVE for members


Sessions available at different locations